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"Working Our Way Home:
'We are the people we've been waiting for'"

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Directions and Housing
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Getting to Oberlin
Oberlin, Ohio is 35 miles Southwest of Cleveland, Ohio and about 20 miles from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The town is served by Lorain County Transit buses, and is also accessible from several major highways. For directions to the Oberlin College campus and information on various forms of public transit, as well as interactive maps of the college campus, you may visit the Oberlin College Visitor Information webpage, at

Getting to the Conference
Wilder Hall
The majority of Working Our Way Home conference activities will take place in Wilder Hall, which houses the Student Union and the Multicultural Resource Center, as well as many meeting rooms. The registration and information center for the conference will be located here as well, in the main lounge area on the first floor, near the information desk.
To find Wilder Hall, begin at the intersection of College St. and Main St/Rte 58, at the center of Oberlin. Go one block west on College St; the large park called Tappan Square will be on your right. Turn and go one block north on Professor Street, again keeping the park on your right; the campus will be on your left. At the intersection of Professor St and Lorain St/511, turn left and go north on Lorain St. The back of Wilder Hall will be a few hundred yards down on your left, across from the entrance to Woodland Street. If you are driving and need parking, you may turn right onto Woodland Street and park on the right-hand side of the street (during daytime hours only) or in the College's public parking lot at the very end of Woodland Street, by the Philips Physical Education Center.
Other Locations
Some conference events will also be taking place in the Science Center, the Edmonia Lewis Center for Women and Transgender People, the Cat in the Cream, and the Adam Joseph Lewis Environmental Studies Center. Below are directions from Wilder Hall to these locations.
The Science Center
The Science Center is the large, modern building located directly north of Wilder hall, across Lorain Street.
The Edmonia Lewis Center for Women and Transgender People
The Edmonia Lewis Center for Women and Transgender People is located at 124 Woodland Street. Upon leaving Wilder, walk north across Lorain Street to Woodland Street. Walk north on Woodland Street; the Edmonia Lewis Center is housed in the last house on the left before the parking lot entrance, and is indicated by a maroon lawn sign bearing its name.
The Cat in the Cream
Upon leaving Wilder, walk north to Lorain Street and then turn left and walk westward along Lorain Street. There will be a few large houses on the right and then an older gymnasium complex which houses the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse, as well as Oberlin's bowling lanes. The entrance to the Cat in the Cream can be accessed by entering the smaller part of the building through the first door on the right. Once inside the building, the bowling lanes will be in front of you and the Cat in the Cream will be through the first door on your left.
The Adam Joseph Lewis Environmental Studies Center
Upon leaving Wilder, walk south through the center of campus until you reach College Street. Turn left and walk east along College Street for half a block until you arrive at the intersection of College St and Professor St. Turning right, walk one block south along Professor St to the entrance to Elm Street, which will be on your right. Turn right and walk west on Elm street, and you will quickly see the large glass atrium of the Adam J Lewis Environmental Studies Center on your right.

Oberlin Housing for Conference Attendees
The Oberlin Inn is the only hotel in Oberlin, located at 7 N. Main St. Double rooms are approximately $100-$150 a night, and can be reserved by calling (800) 376-4173.
For a listing of motels/hotels outside Oberlin but in the Oberlin area, go to and scroll down to the "Around Oberlin" section.
Bed and Breakfasts
There are several bed and breakfasts in Oberlin as well. The two largest are the Hallauer House B&B (, (440) 774-3400, prices vary) and the Ivy Tree Inn and Garden (,(440) 774-4510, prices vary). There are also several smaller bed and breakfasts in Oberlin. For more information on these or for a listing of bed and breakfasts outside Oberlin but in the Oberlin area, go to and scroll down to the "Around Oberlin" section.
Community Housing
The conference committee has also organized community housing for those who cannot afford a hotel and/or would prefer to stay with an Oberlin student. For more information or to request community housing, email
The information on hotels and bed and breakfasts provided here is intended solely to assist conference attendees in finding housing and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of these facilities. / 440-775-6466